About Millisecond

Millisecond Headquarters, Seattle, WA, USA
Seattle Sunset by Howard Ignatius. Licensed under Create Commons 2.

Millisecond Software, LLC was founded in 1999 by Sean Draine, Ph.D., and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Millisecond is a leading provider of software for psychological testing. Its Inquisit Web and Lab products have been used to collect psychological data in an extensive and diverse body of peer reviewed research, as well as in applied research domains such as marketing, usability, and clinical trials.

The research fields we serve include:

  • cognitive, social, clinical, organizational, personality, development, sports, and forensic psychology
  • cognitive neuroscience, brain mapping
  • clinical trials, psychopharmacology
  • behavioral economics, decision making
  • market research, communications
  • human computer interaction, usability
  • social work

Millisecond also provides end to end research engineering and consulting services, including experimental design, script programming, setting up web experiments, and data processing and analysis. Send the details of your project to us for an estimate.

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